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Our Brand

REMIX by ATIKA is an East London label specialising in reworked vintage.  Diffusion line to ATIKA London, the REMIX label started 5 years ago as a way to save and repurpose vintage items that weren’t suitable for the shopfloor.  With sustainability at the core of everything we do the brand has grown to incorporate remnant fabric lines, printing and embroidery, and collaborations with other London based designers.

Our Product

All garments are designed and sampled at our East London studio, based within the ATIKA store, and manufactured either in house or at our North London factory.  The collection ranges from simple alterations, to make a vintage garment look more current, to more complex rework where the entire shape may be remade or a new piece created from off cuts or remnant fabrics.

Our mainline range includes reworked sportswear, vintage denim and military surplus as well as more luxurious fabrics like Japanese kimonos and silks.  REMIX has been worn by the likes of Charlotte Hole, Yinka Bokinni, Simran Randhawa, Lady Leshurr and Nia Pettitt to name but a few.

Find us at ATIKA London, Hanbury Street.

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