Stanley Kubrick Exhibition

We recently visited the Stanley Kubrick exhibition at the Design Museum.

Image: Joshua Wright  @operationcollect

Image: Joshua Wright @operationcollect

You will definitely be familiar with Kubrick’s work. From creating The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut, A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey and more, the exhibition itself shows the many small details that go into film making that you would never be aware of, to the bigger and more technical side of creating film.

You'll see step by step how Kubrick created genre-busting worlds for his films and relive iconic scenes. The sheer perfection in his work brought some actors to never work with him again after having such a tough experience. Shelley Duvall who played Wendy in the classic horror The Shining was said to have handed Kubrick over clumps of her hair, after having to film the famous baseball bat scene 127 times!

Stanley Kubrick was born in the Bronx NY. in 1928 but spent the majority of his career in England, particularly London. He had a special relationship with here and it became his primary source of inspiration.

Due to popular demand, the exhibition has now been extended until Tuesday 17th September.

The exhibition will be open late until 8pm on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st August, Friday 6th and Saturday 7th September, Friday 13th to Monday 16th September.

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