We recently hung out with @itari.inemi (Jennifer & Victoria) in our Hanbury Street store for our Twin Series. See below for our mini shoot and Q&A with the sisters! 

SHOT BY: MARIA PEARL @mariapearly

STYLED BY: MARIA PEARL & LEANNE BEBBINGTON @mariapearly @_leannebebi







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How did you both get started?

Well, we've been on social media from the age of about 15 and weren't really taking it seriously at all - we just uploaded selfies from our iPod Touch and played around with Instagram filters haha! but once we decided that we wanted fashion to be our vocation, we started using Instagram as a platform to display what interested us, and what we wanted to represent. At this point we merged our Instagram to a shared space  for the both of us to upload outfit pics and all the rest of it - before then we had our own separate accounts but it was futile because we literally posted the same kind of things.

How identical are you in terms of looks/personality/interests etc?

We grew up being dressed by our mother, so we wore identical outfits, but with different colours so she was able to tell the difference! The time we started spotting our differences was when we moved out years later, and stayed in separate bedrooms for the first time. The majority of our interests are the same, but circumstances make us experience different things, e.g. working in different stores to each other, going to different places on our own (which is really new to us because we usually go everywhere together!) But mainly we enjoy doing the same things - we are very close! But we definitely are our own person and we are slowly finding our own personalities.

Who's the older twin?

Victoria is the older twin! A lot of people usually confuse Jennifer for being the oldest because she's a bit bigger and is a bit taller (by 1 inch) but in Nigerian culture the younger twin usually looks older (confusing af right?). 

Were you ever dressed the same when you were younger?

We looked VERY identical when we were younger, so to avoid confusing our primary school teachers our mum would give Jenn the pink scrunchie and Vicky the purple! But we would generally wear the same things, just with different colours. Cute!!!

Do you encourage each other to dress differently now?

The only reason we'd ever encourage each other to dress differently is so we can borrow each other's outfits for work or any other occasion when we're not together haha! But generally, we do dress quite alike in terms of style - we're not particularly the most 'girly-girls' either so the silhouettes tend to be oversized.

What are your favourite things about vintage shopping?

I just love how you can transport yourself into a different decade through what you wear. It fascinates us a lot! The styles can also be super super rare, so when your friends ask you where you got your clothes from you know they'll never ever find it. (;

What was the last song you listened to?

Vicky - The Lung - Hiatus Kaiyote

Jenn - Walking on The Moon - The Police

Tell us a childhood secret.

WE ADMIT IT!! We tricked our teachers and swapped classes in yr 5, ok!!! (Vicky's teacher made us do it!)

Who are your top 5 influencers in life/art/music/fashion etc?

It's hard to put it down to just 5 because our influences are so eclectic, but in terms of art, Jean-Michel Basquiat is a huge influencer to the way I think about black people or (POC) in the creative industries. In terms of modern - day social media influencers, I would say @yagazieemezie (photographer), @tony_gum (artist), and for music at the moment it would be @saintrecords (Solange) and an old but incredibly important classic (since we are Nigerian!!) Fela Kuti.

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