We caught up with producer oneninenine for a photoshoot and mini Q&A to discuss influences, how he got started and a glimpse into his "commuting music". If you're around this weekend be sure to listen out to his exclusive playlist for our store.

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How did you get started?

I've been playing music my whole life, from a young age I was drumming and then progressed onto further instruments. So i was trying to decide what I specifically wanted to do in music and then about a year and half / 2 years ago I saw people around me making beats and thought I could do it. So I literally just downloaded the software and locked myself away to fully get my teeth into it and then it all just clicked if i'm honest.

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What was the last song you listened to?

Kevin Taylor - Waves ft. Tokyo the Producer (which I produced lol)

If you weren’t a Producer what would you be doing?

I would love to push more into directing film.

What made you choose the songs on your playlist for us?

I would listen to it on a regular basis - So I guess you'll get a glimpse of my "commuting" music  


Who are your top 5 influences in life/art/music etc?

Hanz Zimmer

A lot of cartoons

Graphic novels

Eva Cassidy

My bros around me.

Do you usually shop vintage?

I would say more charity rather than vintage - go splurge in a BHF or Age UK

Tell us a childhood secret? 

I actually don't think I have any i'm boring i know - I just liked cartoons.

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