HYPER Japan Festival 2018 x ATIKA London

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Hyper Japan Festival 2018 was exactly what we had anticipated and more. Nintendo UK were back again this year with their station. We got to play the new Dragonball Fighterz game as well as getting the chance to experience Nintendo Labo. Not heard of it yet? Neither had we! It's Nintendo's new line of interactive make, assembling sheets of cardboard into a variety of shapes called Toy-Con, and combining them with the Nintendo Switch console. Still confused? We've added some videos below for you to see. 

We made our way round to the super cute world of Tofu Cute. These guys have one of the biggest stalls at Hyper Japan selling everything kawaii from Japanese sweets & drinks to stationary, accessories, clothing and footwear. You can visit their web shop here >>> https://www.tofucute.com/

One of our favourite things to visit and try out at Hyper Japan is the food. We were pretty excited this year to see a whole row of stalls offering FREE tasters of Japanese cuisine, thanks to Harro Foods. A lot of the samples were vegan/vegetarian too.

For lunch, we obviously made our way round to Peko Peko Kitchen. These guys are ALWAYS busy at Hyper Japan and serve the best Japanese soul food. 

Trade stall exhibitors showcasing their handmade jewellery, fashion, anime, artwork and more are always a good shout to check out over the weekend. We got to meet the lovely Konichiwa Kitty of Konichiwa Kitty Shop who tinkers with electronics and fashion to create her designs. Another creative that particularly caught our eye was illustrator Kotori Danshi who has created a character half man half duck. You can follow here >>> www.instagram.com/nagai_yui.

It's safe to say there is something here for everyone no matter your age. Round 2 of Hyper Japan is coming up the end of November for Hyper Japan Christmas 2018. See you there 🙃.

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Photography:  @leannebebbi

Photography: @leannebebbi

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