JENNY HOLZER x Tate Modern

Let’s take a minute to talk about Jenny Holzer...

Whether you are familiar with her name or not, you will most likely have come across some of her work. Especially her neons!

Currently a fixture in the ARTIST ROOMS at TATE MODERN until 7th July. So if you haven’t already been, you better go before the exhibition comes to an end. 

With her feminist approach to important messages, the work is powerful and visually pleasing  in one fell swoop.


The lines of confrontation and radical belief become slightly blurred with these important messages. All messages that on some level, every single person can relate to. 

Whether it is tackling the issues around gender, the inconsistencies of the patriarchy and branding manipulation. 

All are thrown up in an aesthetically pleasing way.

When you have visited TATE MODERN you have probably noticed the huge brightly coloured wall descending from the 4th floor. Have you had a proper close look?

Holzer’s work covers the wall in various inflammatory essays, denoting the state of the world, current affairs, the effect of communism and everything else. It is pretty terrifying how on point and linkable they are to current issues in the world.

So essentially, go and check this out ASAP. It is compelling and powerful! Plus it’s free!

Bex x

Jenny Holzer is on at TATE MODERN in the ARTIST ROOMS  until 07.07.19.