ATIKA STUDIO: The Makings of a Jacket

ATIKA Studio is an in-house brand that began in October 2018. The creators of REMIX by ATIKA wanted to bring their reworked element to more classic pieces of vintage. Each range consists of unique hand-made pieces for a limited time (once they’re gone, they’re gone!).

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We decided to film a video detailing the making of one of our newest ATIKA Studio jackets made from repurposed US army tents. The tents have a lot of nice original features such as the button holes which have been kept in order to preserve it’s journey into a jacket. Some of the tents, as expected, have some wear and tear which have been repaired. The steps are outlined below and also clearly demonstrated in our YouTube video.

The next step is to lay the material out onto the patterns and cut the pieces for the body and the sleeves. The pieces of material are then joined together by the shoulders, first with pins in order to hold the material in place, and then sewn together on a sewing machine.

The two pieces of the collar are interfaced to make it more rigid. They are then sewn together on the sewing machine. The seam allowance is trimmed and the whole collar is turned through to be facing the right side. A hot iron allows us to create sharp edges. Once this is done, it is topstitched to create the final crisp result. This process is then repeated for the shoulder pieces.

Next the sleeves are pinned into position, sewn together, and the entire seam is overlocked from cuff to hem.

Now it’s time to attach the collar. One side is sewn into place, but due to the way in which this jacket will be fastened, a small snip is made on the jacket which the collar can be fitted into. Turn it through, pin it into place, and then finish with a topstitch.

The last part of construction is making a double-turned hem. Simply turn the hem once, stitch, and then turn it again, and stitch which gives a neat finish.

The final step is adding the hook and eyes; the jacket is pinned closed in order to make accurate and equally spaced markings. These are then individually added to the jacket using a buttonhole stitch which is strong enough to hold them in place. The jacket is done!

This new addition to the ATIKA Studio Menswear collection can be found in-stores at the end of August. Find us at Atika London 55-59 Hanbury Street.