Newport Street Gallery

The Newport Street Gallery is pretty overlooked in my opinion.

The building itself is so beautiful. The outside is imposing and brooding, while the inside is an airy space, expected by any gallery. The iconic spiral staircases are beyond dreamy and always a pretty good spot to photograph or be photographed on.

The space is curated and owned by Damian Hirst and I could bore you with me explaining all about that. However, if you just click here ( ) all the info is laid out for you.

Two of the gallery spaces are filled with large scale oil paintings.

JOHN SQUIRE: DISINFORMATION exhibition is compelling as well as calming. On view 11/09/19 - 10/11/19, is without a doubt worth a visit. 

The sheer scale and talent that has gone into each piece creates an overwhelming beauty. 

I found myself stood in front of them, mesmerised by the size. 

For a more in-depth explanation, click here ( )


REASON GIVES NO ANSWERS on from 11/09/10 - 10/11/19 is immersive and showcases over 50 pieces of work by 30 artists.

From Helen Beard to Francis Bacon, I challenge anyone not to connect with at least one piece featured.

For the full lowdown, click here (

Overall, in my opinion, this collection is well worth heading to Vauxhall for. 

Bex xx