Get to know João Henriques (@whitenegatives) Photographer & DJ. See below for his exclusive mix, Q&A and mini shoot with our gal Maria Pearl (@mariapearly). 

How did you get started?

I really like music, and I do feel, like many people I believe, that music gives me life and helps me to relax. I wanted to start Dj'ing for quite some time ago, about 2-3 years but never had the opportunity or the equipment. But last year (2016) on my birthday, I finally made the decision and had the money to buy a Dj Controller, so I gifted myself a Dj Controller and a pair of monitors. 

What was the last song you listened to?

The last song that I listened to was Kendrick Lamar - Humble. I have many songs in rotation and I’m always changing the type of music that I’m listening too. I do find myself most of the time listening to new artist on Soundcloud.

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If you weren’t a Photographer & DJ what would you be doing?

Before Photography and Music I had a passion for Computers, and I was studying for it. So I think I would be doing that.  

What made you choose the songs on your mix for us?

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create a mix with different flavours and types of music. Normally with my mix’s I start really slow and then build up the intensity. The fact that this mix was a collaboration with you guys, A brand/shop, I wanted to create a mix with the interpretation of a journey, where it had parts where the costumers could chill or actually dance while they’re shopping if they want to. A mix with different styles put together, to symbolise a journey so it could comprise different types of costumers and their taste.


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Who are your top 5 influences in life/art/music etc?

My Grandfather/my Mum. Seeing my close friends doing what they love and being creative, Steve Jobs, Kanye West, Viviane Sassen.

Do you usually shop vintage?

Actually I don’t, but I do intend to start shopping more. You can truly find some gems at Vintage shops.

Tell us a childhood secret?

My childhood nickname is “Ary”.

Listen Here >>> http://bit.ly/2pBkKQ0

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