We caught up with presenter and influencer ΛNNΛBEL (@annabelstopit) and asked her to make a playlist of her choice for our store! See below for our Q&A with the mega babe, listen to her playlist and find out why now after visiting ATIKA she'll definitely be shopping vintage. 

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Hey Annabel, tell us a little about how you got started?

I originally moved to London to work on my own music, but when it came to submitting a final project for uni, I wasn’t ready to release anything. So instead I launched my own blog where I interviewed other artists about their journey in the industry and it ended up doing quite well. I was lucky enough to get a place on a mentorship programme with Sian Anderson and Julie Adenuga and a few months later, I landed my own radio show - and I’m loving it! But who knows? Maybe one day I’ll drop an album.

What was the last song you listened to?

Get Right Witcha - Migos

If you weren’t a presenter/influencer, what would you be doing?

I’d be a rapper with dreads and gold teeth and I’d probably have no fans.

What made you choose the songs on your playlist for us?

It’s everything I wanna hear while I’m shopping - fresh UK tunes, classic hip-hop joints and a dash of pop. People will be skanking in the changing rooms.

Who are your top 5 influences in life/art/music etc?

I stumble across new inspiration every single day but five people who consistently get me out of bed in the morning (not physically) are Yes Julz, Maya Jama, Julie Adenuga, Caroline SM & Young Thug.

Do you usually shop vintage?

I feel like it’s a whole world I knew nothing about - but now Blitz has shown me the ropes, I’m addicted.

Tell us a childhood secret?

I used to wear matching silk gloves with all of my outfits because I thought I was Lady GaGa… actually, that was quite recently.

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