Hi, Hello! My names Bex and I am the Content and Marketing Manager for ATIKA.

Recently I went to the Chloe Wise exhibition at Almine Rech London. I wanted to not only talk about this amazing work but also touch upon Mental Health Awareness Week and how art plays a part in that for me.


I have a fine art background as well as working in fashion marketing for the majority of my career. However, if my brain feels messy, I always take myself off to a calming space. For me that is always a gallery (the Saatchi Gallery has a major calming effect on me).

Taking an hour out to look at some incredible art and process it accordingly, somehow rejigs my brain space.

Not That We Don’t spoke to me on many levels. The intense emotion captured in all the eyes of the paintings, felt like a real connection. I could have been looking at a photo of my friends.

Sometimes when in the foggiest of head spaces, feeling a connection to something other than those emotions helps give them less power.

Not That We Don’t  by Chloe Wise is on at the Almine Rech London gallery until 18th May, definitely go and check it out before it’s gone!

“Almine Rech London is pleased to present the second exhibition of Chloe Wise with the gallery and her first in London.

In Not That We Don’t, Wise continues her exploration into portraiture, landing on the unspoken dynamics that maintain the individual’s participation amongst the group, allowing for their seemingly fluid existence in society.   Placed within a space of ambiguity, Wise’s subjects flirt with legibility; their gathering suggesting a familiar event such as a party, theatrical production, or a yearbook photo, only to deny the grounds for any such staged communion.”

Press Release from Almine Rech London