REMIX by ATIKA: Customer Fits

REMIX by ATIKA are a brand based in East London focused on giving new life to vintage garments. Many vintage items become worn over time, sometimes leaving it unwearable. We take these items to create something more current and on trend which can be worn today.

As a brand, we appreciate customer feedback and engagement which is why we are interactive on all of our social media accounts and have decided to focus on you, the customer. Below we take a look back at some of your favourite pieces and discussing their creation.

Cropped Cord Shirts
These Cropped Cord Shirts were originally vintage shirts that were not in good enough condition to keep in its entirety. As a result, they were cropped to create a more contemporary and trend-led garment. The off-cuts of these shirts are then used elsewhere, such as on our Cord Patch Shirts!

Zip Denim Shirts
Denim shirts are often used for workwear and the bottom of the shirt gets ruined over time as they are tucked into trousers. It seemed appropriate to create a more feminine garment by cropping the shirts and salvaging the best part of the denim. The O-ring design came about after seeing a unique vintage shirt that had a zip at the front instead of buttons. The edges are left raw, giving it a slightly distressed and more modern look.

Remnant Trousers
Our Remnant Trousers are one of our most popular items. They are made from end of the line fabric from North East London that would otherwise be thrown away. As a result, the patterns and colours change depending on the fabric that is available. The elasticated waist not only allows for a more comfortable fit, but also allows for a wider variety of sizes to enjoy these trousers. Also, they are made using a square pattern which allows for as little fabric waste as possible. We also went on to create Remnant Shorts to make these available for those hotter months.

Shirt Dresses
We have a variety of shirt dresses available from denim, work shirts, cord, long sleeve, sleeveless, and collarless. One of our first shirt dresses to be made had long sleeves and an elasticated wasitband. After finding more vintage shirts that were too damaged to be used for this initial design, we decided to create sleeveless and collarless shirts, depending on where the shirt was damaged.

Crop Cycle Jerseys
ATIKA stock premium vintage cycle jerseys in-store that would be appreciated by those who cycle. REMIX focuses on the pattern and colours of each jersey instead. As there are pockets at the back of the cycle jerseys, we decided to crop these tops to create a more wearable garment.

Pacth Pocket
A patch pocket allows for fabric scraps to be given a new life or to be able to save as much of a garment as possible. These were some of the first items ever created by REMIX; the patch pocket tees use offcuts that would not be sellable as a garment on its own. The patches change depending on the season that we are in; floral and bright prints are used during the summer and more sombre and subdued fabrics are used during the winter months. The Patch Pocket Jeans use denim that is locally sourced and gives a chance for our designers to demonstrate their sewing skills.

Zip Denim Skirts
After turning vintage jeans into shorts, we are left with a lot of offcuts. Instead of seeing them go to waste, we turn them into skirts allowing for each to be unique. When we first started making these they were in an A-line style, but as trends change, so do we. Now we create a more bodycon shape to keep our items new and fresh. As our brand grows, we have more materials which results in more pieces. We are currently working on a new skirt range that includes cord offcuts.

We love seeing the outfits you create with our pieces so continue to tag us in your pictures and using our hashtag #remixbyatika.