NEW Concession: MISEMI


Last week we welcomed our newest concession into store, MISEMI!

MISEMI started back in 2014 by independent designer, Missy Yusuf. The brand celebrates culture, diversity, self-care and being unapologetically yourself. The brand also empowers everyone who loves to wear unique clothing with a streetwear influence.

Missy hand-makes all of her pieces at home in her living room, and has had the likes of Julie Adenuga, Mr Eazi, Raye and Alicai Harley wearing her designs.

We are also excited to stock MISEMI’s Self Care Szn collection. Missy created this collection whilst she was going through a tough time with her own mental health. The content Missy created to coincide with her pieces, involved her sharing self care tips for her followers on her socials. This she said, helped her dig herself out of a really bad time.

You may have seen earlier this year that Missy and MISEMI took part in our, “You Are More Than Your Day Job” series. You can check out our Q&A with Missy below.