JENNY HOLZER x Tate Modern

Let’s take a minute to talk about Jenny Holzer...

Whether you are familiar with her name or not, you will most likely have come across some of her work. Especially her neons!

Currently a fixture in the ARTIST ROOMS at TATE MODERN until 7th July. So if you haven’t already been, you better go before the exhibition comes to an end. 

With her feminist approach to important messages, the work is powerful and visually pleasing  in one fell swoop.

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London Pride x AKT Charity x Words By Our Store Manager: Jordan Bromley

Pride is here and this year we’re doing something extra special to celebrate an amazing cause. We’re partnering with akt charity, a charity that focuses on LGBTQ+ youth on a national level. For the month of July (London pride is on the 6th of July) we at ATIKA, are going to be home to a rail of merchandise straight from akt. We will be selling their tees and totes and are super excited to be working with a charity that is doing something so important. 

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ATIKA Commercial Manager Talks Football Shirts

I like football shirts because they are techy, fun and exotic.

Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Kappa, Puma. Since the 1980’s football shirts (kit, jersey) have been at the vanguard of sports product design. Fast drying fabrics, materials that you can’t grab a hold of or that stretch and snap back (Italian defenders take note,) cooling features. It's techwear, isn’t it?

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REMIX by ATIKA: Customer Fits

REMIX by ATIKA are a brand based in East London focused on giving new life to vintage garments. Many vintage items become worn over time, sometimes leaving it unwearable. We take these items to create something more current and on trend which can be worn today.

As a brand, we appreciate customer feedback and engagement which is why we are interactive on all of our social media accounts and have decided to focus on you, the customer. Below we take a look back at some of your favourite pieces and discussing their creation.

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Festival Season: A Guide

It’s festival season and here at ATIKA we wanted to give you some outfit inspiration; throughout the years, fashion has always been at the centre of festivals. Whether you want to dress head-to-toe in sequins or in your grandad’s tracksuit, a festival is the place to do it without judgement.

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NEW Concession: MISEMI

Last week we welcomed our newest concession into store, MISEMI!

MISEMI started back in 2014 by independent designer, Missy Yusuf. The brand celebrates culture, diversity, self-care and being unapologetically yourself. The brand also empowers everyone who loves to wear unique clothing with a streetwear influence.

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NEW CONTENT: ATIKA YouTube and Podcasts. Subscribe & Follow!

Oh hello!

You may not know, but we started our own YouTube channel and launched our very first podcast this year via Soundcloud. We’re pretty excited to share our new content with you, so be sure to keep a lookout over our socials for more!

Here’s a little of what we’ve got up to so far…

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Sustainable Fashion

Recently, there has been a widespread movement from fast fashion to shopping more sustainably. This includes shopping at charity shops, vintage shops, and online second-hand shops such as eBay and Depop. The phrase “buy less, buy better” seems to have become prevalent within the last couple of years as people are coming to understand how fast fashion impacts the planet and its workers.

We have curated a list of just some of the places you can shop to be more sustainable and ethical with your fashion choices.

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ATIKA London
Conversations by ATIKA x George David Hodgson

Suicide is the single biggest killer of men aged under 45 in the UK. Let that sink in. Mind charity state that 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year, and in England, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week. New research has also shown that 84% of UK men bottle up their emotions and every week in the UK, 84 men take their own life. These statistics are utterly shocking and need to be talked about.

For our next part in our series of Conversations by ATIKA, we invited in George David Hodgson, Mental Health Advocate and owner of Maison de Choup.

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ATIKA London
Get to Know: REMIX New In

To showcase our new pieces, REMIX had a photoshoot in the ATIKA store and around Shoreditch with our lovely model; Ines. These looks will provide you with some serious Summer festival inspo. Check out our Crop Cycle Jerseys, Denim Wrap Skirts, Zip Up Denim Skirts, and our infamous Remnant Trousers. We accessorised with colourful beret and earrings from ATIKA.

Afterwards, we got to know where Ines gets her personal style, what sustainability means to her, and trends she is loving at the moment.

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ATIKA London
ATIKA Studio SS19

Introducing ATIKA Studio SS19!

Our second capsule collection of limited edition pieces. Made from reworked vintage garments and fabrics. Incorporating military, workwear, embroidery and pleating. Each piece is unique.

All pieces are handmade in our studio 55-59 Hanbury Street. Now available on our shop floor.

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ATIKA London